In the book of Romans in the Bible, we have a section that spurs me to utilize my endowment of prediction among absolute outsiders face to face in the city of Sydney, Australia, and on the internet on my site.

The section goes;

Romans 12:6 6 Having then blessings varying as per the elegance that is given to us, let us use them: if prediction, let us forecast about our confidence;

Let us forecast by our confidence:

So what is prescience?

Prediction by my definition is Request Personal Prophecy an individual message or a corporate message from God at a specific spot at a specific time. In the Bible before Christ, prophets used to bring a message from the LORD God through the Holy Spirit and these future consolation and alerts and guidance on how Israel should live and rehearse their confidence.

Numerous individuals figure current prescience ought to be something that talks about an individual’s future and a few people think a cutting edge prophet must be consistently 100% right.

As an individual who has the endowment of prescience let me state that I have not generally been 100% right and not all the messages I have given have been about an individual’s future. Commonly a prophet is addressing a present circumstance in an individual’s life. Regularly the predictions I give using the web have a ton of sacred texts in them just as a running critique message to go with the sacred writing.

So forecast by your confidence is subject to your confidence. Numerous individuals may have the option to convey a prescience to an individual at the front of a line for supplication in a congregation when they can see the individual and the Lord can dazzle something on your soul. Be that as it may, to get a message for an all-out outsider on the web takes a touch of confidence but God remunerates the confidence.

Meeting individuals in the substance is useful and simpler. I meet absolute outsiders in the city and all the time the Lord gives me a message for them, that when it is conveyed an individual can tell that the Lord was “100% on” with the message. Conveying prescience to an absolute outsider is fulfilling and leaves me upbeat inside as I leave a non-Christian grinning and waving, it’s something that makes me grin right to the following experience.

On the off chance that I had an office and a counter and a promotion in the paper as a visionary, I could bring in some cash from the blessing. As a lesser individual, I could likewise charge for the messages on the Internet like some different services however I don’t know whether the Lord would give me the messages anything else as I need to trust and comply with the Lord Jesus in all the requests that I do.

So I don’t forecast for benefit. I am a not revenue driven prophet and considerably more precise than the normal visionary. The messages that I convey to individuals probably won’t be what they need to know from God, yet they are the messages that God needs them to know.

Everybody likes to peruse the great adages in the book of Proverbs and nobody prefers the sayings about dolts and what a numb-skull resembles. However, genuine insight is found in taking the Word of God like medication, both the empowering words in the Bible and in close to home prescience and the awful words or the ones that are more diligently to swallow.

I have been blessed to have had a couple of individuals send me cash for predictions and this has occurred, it appears, all the occasions that I expected to burn through cash on the site, or something I was doing. Cash should never be a rationale to enter the service and never be your intention to forecast!

Prophetic evangelism which is utilizing the endowments of prediction, expressions of information, and useful tidbits in evangelism is powerful and much fun. Once when I had helped four individuals along these lines at a bistro the Lord approached me to approach them for $2.50 for a transport toll home. They were all glad to give me the cash and asked for money. I was upbeat as it was storming heavily and it would have been a 10-mile walk home in the heavy storm.

There is somewhat more to this story. In transit into the city, as I strolled the 10 miles, God drove me to lodge to hear some out music that was being played by a live band. One of the main tunes from my past went “Don’t you go out in the downpour. Try not to go out in the heavy storm.”

At the time I adored the melody and chimed in and moved a bit yet at 11 pm that night when I went to leave the four folks at the bistro the Holy Spirit acquired that tune to my brain request to provide me His guidance. I heard the tune played in my mind and the Holy Spirit incited me to approach the folks for enough for a transport charge. They were glad to give me $2.50 and the Lord had cautioned me at the bar with the tune.

It’s a different universe hearing the Holy Spirit. Also, it’s amusing to forecast. Have you the confidence to predict to outsiders? Might you want to do it for nothing over the Internet or might you want to do free online supplication demands as an Intercessor for my site? Connect with me at my site.

I love prescience, I love serving the Lord. Attempt and serve the Lord for nothing until the Lord decides to raise your salary from what you do.

May God favor you.

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